Ose Indigene UK



Ose Indigenes Association was inaugurated on the 3rd day of November 1991 in London by some citizens of Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State of Nigeria. We decided to come together to form an organisation for the promotion of unity and progress of Ose Indigenes and for the general development of Ose Local Government Area. On the same day these articulate citizens pledged that the income and property of the Association however derived shall be applied solely towards achieving the aims and objectives of the Association

Aims and Objectives

* To promote the spirit of self-help, oneness and togetherness among members and Ose Indigenes.

* To encourage and maintain the spirit of co-operation and understanding on matters of mutual concern among Ose Indigenes.

* To assist and support members, Ose Indigenes and the general public as considered necessary.

* To foster a pleasant climate for, and to promote the educational, cultural, social and economic development of Ose and Nigeria in general.

* To engage in any lawful activities with the aim of improving the economic and social well being of members, Ose Indigenes and the local government area.